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We Keep Your Partz (and the planet) Clean & Healthy

At Body Partz our philosophy is simple: produce natural products using the finest quality ingredients to make products that are not only safe, but actually work.

Our products are tested on people not pets.  Afterall, we have never heard of bunnies having arm pit odor and like the Elephant Man said, “I am not an animal!”  Our friends, from teens to retirees have obliged us and tested our products and are now all hooked.  But like anything out there in nature, some people may not do well with a product so we always encourage you to do a test patch just to make sure your body likes our products.

Now, we don’t want to make all these incredible natural products, then go around poluting up the planet with our packaging.  So we have carefully chosen a very minimalistic approach to what we put our product in and how we label it.   There are no adhesives used to put our labels on, just naturally produced hemp string from renewable resources.  And our labeling is made from 100% post consumer recycled material that is biodegradable and recycleable.  Our bottles are also made from recycled glass and are recycleable as well.  Just how many times can one person use “recycleable” in the same paragraph?  We don’t think it’s used enough!